Brazil: Mozambique Cedes Land to Brazilian Agribusiness

The government of Mozambique is ceding 6 million hectares [pt] of land to Brazilian farmers (this corresponds to two-thirds of the landmass of Portugal) to grow soy, cotton and corn in the northern provinces Niassa, Cabo Delgado, Nampula and Zambézia. The idea is to draw on the Brazilian experience in the Cerrado (Brazil’s savanna), where […]

Guacamole, High Pressure Processing

MEXICO CITY (Manufacturing) – A consumer in New Zealand uncovers the transparent container and serves up a portion of Mexican guacamole. All this has been made possible by the  advantages of high pressurized food processing, a method that has been instrumental in the building several successful

Mandarin Oranges represent 5% of Peruvian Exports

The Exporters Association (Adex) reported that exports of tangerines rose 29 percent, representing 22.9 million dollars in the first quarter of the year, compared with the same period in 2010. Peruvian Mandarins represented five percent of Peruvian exports of fruits which totaled 432.9 million dollars.

Egg Producers denouncing unfair competition crisis

Costa Rican egg producers say that they have been mired in a crisis for the past year and half. Their concerns grow out of market prices that are coming in at well below the cost of production. The source of this crisis, they claim, is an excess of unfair competition. One possible explanation is the […]

Another ‘Dust Bowl’ era could be starting

This decade thus far has mirrored the 1930s weatherwise and otherwise. It’s the ‘Dust Bowl Days’ and the ‘Great Depression’ resurrected in a new generation of misery. Now, the ‘bad news.’ The southern Great Plains, from Kansas southward into Texas, saw its hottest July on record in 2011. Many wells and reservoirs have run completely […]

South American nations keen on trade pacts with India

Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Paraguay seek to cooperate in IT, oil & gas and agriculture Bilateral trade pacts and free trade agreements with countries in Latin America will play a role in increasing trade with India, according to ambassadors from four South American countries. While assuring support to inbound investments, providing swift clearances and visas,

Argentina and China reach trade deal

China’s sanitary agency, or Aqsiq, has opened the Asian giant’s markets to Argentine corn, beef, wine, biofuels and barley, the agriculture ministry said in a statement Thursday. The deal will create more demand for Argentina agricultural products and agriculture business that supports farms in the value chain. China has historically been a major corn

Grim economic fallout from Chilean volcano: Millions lost by airlines, tourism, agriculture

SANTIAGO, Chile – The 100 million tons of pyroclastic ash and rock spewed by an Andean volcano has meant hundreds of millions of dollars in losses for communities more accustomed to profiting from the dramatic mountain landscape. The Cordon Caulle volcano opened a new gash along a ridge just across the border and

Brazilian senator: Forest Code reform necessary to grow farm sector | Rhett A. Butler Over the past twenty years Brazil emerged as an agricultural superpower: today it is the largest exporter beef, sugar, coffee, and orange juice, and the second largest producer of soybeans. While much of this growth has been fueled by a sharp increase in productivity resulting from

Man survives ‘killer bees’ – attack near Modesto believed to be isolated

MODESTO – African honeybees attacked a 70-year-old man walking his dogs near Modesto in the first known documented “killer bees” assault north of Madera. Agricultural officials believe African bees have not colonized north of Tulare County and suspect that the July 5 attack, though savage, was isolated. “It felt like