Guacamole, High Pressure Processing

MEXICO CITY (Manufacturing) – A consumer in New Zealand uncovers the transparent container and serves up a portion of Mexican guacamole. All this has been made possible by the  advantages of high pressurized food processing, a method that has been instrumental in the building several successful businesses in the the food industry.

This technology, which began to be explored in the 1990s, was implemented and perfected by Fresherized Foods (FF), a Texas company, but since the summer of this year it is a technology now being employed by the Mexican Group, KUO.

This was the essence of the business transaction: the domain of High Pressure Processing (HPP), a non-thermal pasteurization treatment used to process products such as fruits, vegetables and juices, which is the strong point of FF.

Utilizing this process, the food industry has has manufactured a wide variety of salsas and guacamole, which are widely appreciated by international consumers, with many thanks to its spicy flavor and nutrition (high in vitamin A and Omegas, for example).

Hence Group KUO, through its sister company MegaMex Foods, bought Fresherized Foods, a leading producer of guacamole in the U.S.. It should be remembered that KUO (formerly identified as Grupo Desc) owns the technology behind its processes and that its products are exported to over 70 countries on all continents.

Fresherized Foods has annual sales of 140 million dollars (mdd), through brandnames Wholly Guacamole Wholly Wholly Salsa and Cheese. Another brand that is associated with KUO is Fort Herdez.

KUO Group is an industrial leader in Mexico, with annual sales of about 1,800 million dollars, with exports to over 70 countries. Its current portfolio of business includes: Chipboard, Dynasol (rubber solution), Elastomers, Aerospace KUO, KUO Bioenergy, Macro-M, Plastics, Pork and Power Systems.