Gaza exports to increase

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Reports on Radio Israel said the coming week of crossings operations would see some 15 tons of agricultural exports leave the Strip, as Israeli officials told Palestinian liaison officers in Gaza that only one crossing would operate on Thursday. Since 2007, some 800 trucks of strawberries and carnations grown in Gaza have […]

Vietnam: Good prospects for apricot and peach growers

Apricot and peach growers have been certain of a bountiful crop this year. The apricot and peach prices are estimated to be higher than during Tet 2010 (Vietnam New Year); however, it is still too early to say how high the prices will be because everything still depends on the gods. Tet will come in […]

Omani farmers struggle to sell, not grow, their produce

AL HAMRA, OMAN // In the shadow of Jabal Shams, the country’s tallest mountain, more than 300 farms, separated by corroding wire fences, grow enough food to feed two dozen villages. Yet, more than half the yield of crops such as potatoes, limes and dates fail to make it on to supermarket shelves. Transportation is […]

Pakistani onions being exported despite low volumes

Pakistan is exporting onions despite the fact that its crop lagged 30 to 40 percent behind demand, causing the prices of the commodity to maintain a high level, Geo News reported Wednesday. Talking to Geo News, the traders at Karachi’s vegetable market said onion annual yield is five to six million tonnes in the country; […]

Moscow: growinig prices of sweet peppers from Israel

In the middle of the last week in Moscow, the prices of sweet pepper imported from Israel increased once again due to coming Christmas holidays. Despite high prices the demand for this product – quite typical for this time of year – is growing.

Asian Development Bank grants $69m for forest protection project

MANILA — The Asian Development Bank last week approved loans and grants worth US$69 million to Cambodia, Laos, and Viet Nam for a community-based initiative to protect more than 1.9 million ha of threatened forests where 170,000 mostly poor people live. The 32-year loan of $30 million to Viet Nam and grants of $19 million […]