Farmers Predict Bountiful Harvest

Horn PlentyWinter grain has been problematic, with snow falling on fields that had not yet frozen, forcing replowing. But now farmers, including Kalle Hamburg, who farms grain and potatoes in Rapla County in central Estonia, say the grain harvest will be a good one. “Summer grain is in good shape. Rapeseed has suffered the most, although even that has made a recovery,” he told ETV.

The bumper crop will translate into benefits for farmers more than consumers.
“As we know, there has been a major drought in Europe,” said Tartu County Farmers Union head Jaan Sõrra, adding that prices will likely not fall.

The potato harvest is expected to vary by region. Periods of dry weather have hurt potato farmers in Estonia as well – mainly in parts of the south.

The price of potatoes may be less for consumers this year. Estonian farmers had planted more, expecting continued demand from Russia, which experienced blight last year. Seed potato stocks may have been affected by last year’s drought, meaning Estonian farmers hope to export substantial quantities of potatoes.