AUSTRALIA: 65% Of Retailers Say Christmas Trading Worse Than Last Year

The Australian Retailers Association’s (ARA) week-by-week tracking of retail trade during the Christmas period has found that last week over 65% of retailers were trading worse than the same time last year. Retailers comparing trading from 12 to 18 December 2010 to the same time last year said.

– Just under a quarter (24%) were trading above;
– Over 65% were trading below;
– Over 10% were trading the same as last year.

ARA Executive Director Russell Zimmerman said retailers were banking on a boost in sales during the final days leading into Christmas. “These final days will be critical if retailers are to meet projections of A$39.9bn in national retail sales for the Christmas trading period.

“Traditionally consumers do leave their shopping until the last minute so retailers have all their fingers and toes crossed that shoppers will be rushing to the tills and taking advantage of extended trading hours”.

Zimmerman added, “By all accounts this hasn’t been a very joyous Christmas for retailers who are slashing prices pre-Christmas just to get consumers in the door.”