The European Parliament calls for blocking the agricultural agreement with Morocco

The Agriculture Committee of Parliament has asked not to ratify the trade agreement the EU has agreed to Rabat and is still pending MEPs vote because he believes it will have a negative impact on European agriculture and that the controls certainly Moroccan vegetables, especially tomatoes, than to enter the EU market.

Agribusiness troubling

Reports of massive contamination of sprouts in Europe, which sickened thousands and killed at least 18 people, highlight our ever-worsening, Frankenstein-like food systems worldwide. Some scientists speculated liquid manure, used to fertilize crops, caused the near-epidemic. The organic farm said it never used manure, so it might have been inside the seed they bought. Chemical […]

Farmers Predict Bountiful Harvest

Winter grain has been problematic, with snow falling on fields that had not yet frozen, forcing replowing. But now farmers, including Kalle Hamburg, who farms grain and potatoes in Rapla County in central Estonia, say the grain harvest will be a good one. “Summer grain is in good shape. Rapeseed has suffered the most, although […]

Will the Earth Cool?

I ran into this article about the UK Met Office. The office has been big on global warming and their seasonal forecasts have been on the warm side. Note the article says that they stopped doing seasonal forecasts after both a summer and a winter forecast turned out to be too warm. Scroll down to […]

UK farming ‘unsustainable’, chief scientist warns

British farmers must change their management practices if they are to move towards more sustainable food production in future, the government’s chief scientist has warned. Sir John Beddington said farmers would have to adapt to meet the challenges of producing more food with less environmental impact and less water, while dealing with climate

Southern crop failures could lead to price hikes in West Lancs

by Rob Pattinson, Ormskirk Advertiser CROP shortages in the south of England could result in increased prices for West Lancs produce as demand rises. In East Anglia, crops are failing with recent rain water running straight into rivers as the land is so dry. Some predictions are suggesting crop yields in the

UK agriculture ‘could wither up and die’ if water mismanagement continues

As a major drought looms across parts of the UK, William Chase – of Tyrrells Crisps and the Chase Distillery – charges the government and water industry with short-sightedness and failing to manage supplies It seems ludicrous to be writing an article about a drought in the UK, when it is literally coming down in […]

Let farmers feed the nation, urges NFU president

Farmers’ leader Peter Kendall has warned that Britain’s food trade gap will widen even further unless action is taken to reverse the trend. And government has a vital role to play in ensuring that farmers and growers can rise to the food production challenge of the next 20 years. Mr Kendall, president

An onion of a problem

High food price volatility is likely to linger for some years. It will serve us well to focus on the deeper, more lasting solutions. On the back of the wettest spring on record, Australia’s Queensland region is being ravaged by a “once in a hundred year” flood. Europe and parts of north-eastern US have had […]

Over 80% of farmers want solar roofs by 2013

A recent survey has found that 80 per cent of farmers in the UK want to have solar photovoltaics on their roofs within the next three years. Carried out by Farming Futures, and solar energy specialist, Solarcentury, the results prove farmers’ interest in generating clean electricity has soared following the launch of the Feed-In Tariff […]